I was born in Bacau, Romania in 1984. At 16, I moved to Turin in Italy where, for the first time, I experienced  on my skin the feeling of being an immigrant. From there, my passions developed towards sociology and psychology which led me to be inquisitive about local and global events and the stories that influenced my personal life and the wider community. 

As a result of further explorations,in 2010 I pursued a BA(Hons) degree in Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall,UK where I graduated in 2013 obtaining a 2:1. 

Since graduation I have widened my practice through the knowledge of restorative practices which has influenced my perspective on matters of relationships within communities. Unwillingly still carrying the label of immigrant and outsider I attempt to address conversations related to current political shifts through my own photographic and artistic practice.

Currently I work towards developing a documentary photographic practice related to people and their environment by exploring themes of identity and belonging through the heritage of small communities in the UK and Europe. I look for expressions of the subtle and sometimes intangible connecting threads between past, present, surface, sense of place and identity.